Pure Sine Wave Inverter

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1.Inverters convert DC to AC.Because of this, pure sine wave car inverters are always needed if you’re going to be tied to the grid. Typically, you’ll need pure sine wave inverters for sensitive equipment, newer TV’s, CFL light bulbs, and appliances with AC motors (microwaves and refrigerators).

2.Our power inverters for vehicles 4000w with soft start low interference tech and temperature control cooling fan. Output Voltage: AC 120V or 220V based on your needs; Frequency: 60Hz/50Hz

3.Before purchasing, check the maximum amperage of the intended battery. It is the responsibility of the consumer to be knowledgeable on the specifications of the battery and its compatibility with our Power Inverters. If unknown, we recommend reaching out to the battery manufacturer.

4.OEM/ODM are welcome! Send us your inquiry about your requirements on the pure sine wave inverter

5.with 5 Protection systems: Thermal protection, Overload protection, Over Voltage protection, Under Voltage protection, Low Voltage protection alarm


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